FBT Company Overview:

FBT is an engineering services company offering capabilities and experience in all phases of design, management, and operation of boilers, combustors, gasifiers, incinerators, and furnaces. Our engineering and related consulting services have been provided on numerous projects for electric utilities, independent power producers, process industries, hospitals, research and development organizations, litigation support, and boiler and equipment vendors.

Since incorporation in 1988 as a consulting engineering firm with special expertise in fluidized bed combustion technologies, FBT has emerged as a leader in providing support to the fossil and nuclear power generation industry.

We also offer a wide range of ASME performance and EPA environmental testing services. This led to the establishment of an office in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1992 to provide air emission testing to this highly industrialized region. In 1994, FBT again expanded with the establishment of an office in Paducah, KY.

Currently FBT offers a broad range of consulting, engineering, nuclear and testing services to the manufacturing industry, electric power (fossil and nuclear) plant owners, equipment suppliers, and legal profession.



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